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05 Sep 2022

Why Migrate to Magento 2 Now!

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People do not stay on a sinking boat. Magento 1 support is officially stopped from 30th June 2020. If you are using Magento 1, you must get off the sinking boat. Critical things are becoming obsolete now, like security concerns and third-party extensions. Before it turns out to be worse, get off Magento 1 and choose the next right version Magento 2. As you will be spending money to re-platform, understand what it gives you and validate if it’s the right choice. Evaluate if the enhancements in Magento 2, justifies the re-platform. With the support ended for Magento 1, no more security patches will be introduced. Your online store is exposed to emerging security vulnerabilities and must encounter data security regulations.

There are few early adopters who have moved to Magento 2. Read on to understand if the changeover is worth to undergo another investment.


Magento 2 has come with a new architecture and added more technologies to make it a comprehensive solution. Its architecture is based on PHP7 and supports HTML5 enabling seamless optimization and customization. Magento 2 being a new platform altogether, the migration from 1 to 2 is not a simple affair of just data migration.

The most critical update of all is the performance. Does it support increased traffic for a business? Page load time was a hindrance in Magento 1 impacting the leads conversion rates. Magento 2 has been improvised for page load with speed of about 50% on home and product pages with checkout speed increased by 38%.

Responsiveness & Adaptability

Consumers search for products or services mostly on their mobile phones now. Every website or ecommerce site must be highly responsive to provide the best buying experience for consumers. Your search engine rankings also improve with a mobile-friendly version.

Magento 2 has drastically improved on responsiveness compared to Magento 1. Especially the checkout is highly mobile-friendly giving a seamless purchase experience to consumers. The platform supports Progressive Web Apps to create a mobile app environment for the e-commerce site.

Security Enhancements & Extensions

Data security is critical for every e-commerce business as their consumers are sensitive about their data being stored in a secured environment. Consumers review the data security of online stores before they make a purchase. Magento 2 is PCI-compliant if you are going to use the platform as is without any changes.

To cater to all the business needs of your e-commerce customers, the platform sure needs support from extensions. The question is how easy it is to integrate third-party extensions. Magento 2 allows overlapping of extensions with the introduction of new technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and REquire.js with installations becoming easier.


There are lot more advantages that we can keep talking about. Next and the most important is customer support. Magento Enterprise Edition and Enterprise Cloud Edition provide with customer support, but Magento Open Source is free to download but without customer support.

Now, there is no question of whether to choose Magento 2, as the older one is dead with the new platform already in use. Think wisely and invest in the all-new platform rather than investing on your own to enhance and improvise Magento 1 with in-house development effort and cost. Get out of the sinking boat and give your customers a seamless and the best experience in terms of reliability, security, performance, and new technology.

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