Enquiry Management System


Enquiry Management System (EMS)is a software solution designed and developed to overcome the complications that many businesses face in keeping track of the enquiries or leads that they receive. The main problem is in how do these companies manage these enquiries in real-time.

EnqWin is a comprehensive SAAS designed and developed after a lot of research and analysis to overcome the common issues/mistakes of the EMS that are available in the market. With EnqWin capturing and managing existing leads is become simple and effective in today’s always-on digital landscape.


  • User-Friendly
  • What is the point if you have to spend a lot of time to train yourself and your employees to use the software which is not at all friendly to its users?

    EnqWin is designed based on months of research to make it one of the best user-friendly enquiry management systems in the market.

  • Flexibility for customization
  • EnqWin is a highly flexible application that can be customized easily for your specific needs.

  • Support
  • Built it and then leave it is not in our motto. We believe a good solution becomes a perfect solution when there is essential support. This helps the client to concentrate on their core business. EnqWin Support is offered over the phone, email and site visit.

  • Mobile App
  • Ready-to-go mobile application for common business scenarios like tracking field sales personnel, capture leads in Events/Exhibitions, capture/upload real-time data without having to use a computer has become a necessity than a luxury now. EnqWin mobile app is developed with all the functionality that will be required in a field sales, to make it productive.



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