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17 Dec 2018

3 New Magento Tools To Boost Your E-Commerce Growth In 2022

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Along with plenty of exciting news from 2018 for users of Magento, comes the release of the latest version of the Magento platform, Magento 2.3.0, which comes with a new set of tools to make it easier to get your E-Commerce site up and running.

1. Multi-Source Inventory

The ways in which products are sold, stored and delivered continue to grow and evolve. Multi-Source Inventory or MSI is an interface that allows merchants to manage their inventory across multiple physical locations, all from within the Magento admin dashboard, thereby improving the efficiency of operation. In addition to this, it is possible to,

  • Track the inventory at various sources for easier management.
  • Allow integration with third-party integration systems.
  • Change and assign products along with quantities to sources such as warehouses, distribution centres, and stores.
  • Automatically control the inventory sources in order to fulfil website orders in real time.

Even if you have only one inventory, the MSI is useful, as it tracks the product stock in the inventory as the customers add products to their cart, this leads to very accurate counts of the inventory and more efficient checkouts.

2. PWA Studio

The mobile market may be the most important for E-Commerce providers going forward with three-quarters of customers shopping through mobile. Progressive Web Applications or PWA enables merchants to produce an improved mobile shopping experience, leading to boosted conversions as well as increased user engagement. The PWA Studio is a set of tools provided by Magento to make it easier and faster to create a Magento based PWA for your store. It is possible to deliver an app-like mobile experience that is not only fast and reliable but improves the effectiveness of SEO as well as increase conversion rates. PWA Studio speeds the time to market for your application and lowers the overall cost of ownership. As it is an open source project, it will have regular releases which are independent of the overall Magento releases, with continued additions of new features and quality enhancements.

3. Page Builder

By-passing the reliance on HTML and CSS, the Page Builder comes with an intuitive, drag and drop interface, making the addition of page content, such as images, videos, and banners easier. With this also comes instant preview capabilities. Now it is easier than ever to create new pages, products, and categories and launch content updates quicker. It comes with a grid system which allows highly customizable positioning of page elements and in-context text editing. It is possible to quickly fine-tune the appearance and behaviour of content types. The Page Builder allows complete integration with other Magento functionality such as media gallery and widgets, allowing you to incorporate those elements into your site. Content can also be scheduled to go live, with content staging and preview. At the current time, the Page Builder feature has limited availability until the Magento 2.3.1 update. In addition to these new features, general updates and improvements have been made across the entire platform. If you are looking for the right Magento Development Company to help you with any kind of support for Magento, we can assist you with them.

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