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21 Oct 2017

How Google Mobilegeddon is changing E-Commerce sales?

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On April 21st in the year 2015, Google provided us with a new update, called Mobilegeddon, involving a mobile-friendly algorithm that significantly boosted all mobile-friendly pages in its search results. Thereby allowing a greater exposure for these particular sites alone (mainly E-Commerce), which had a mobile-friendly option that enhanced the viewing experience for users.

The Mobile-Friendly Google Label A website will be deemed so if it meets criteria like:

  • That does not require a Flash installation as it is not available on most mobile phones
  • Utilises text which can be read easily without having to zoom
  • An appropriate layout that allows viewing of the entire page without having to scroll in either direction
  • And properly spaced links so that one can choose the required link one correctly
  • This property of a site can be checked by using the mobile-friendly test sites available in the internet
What Difference Does Mobilegeddon make?

Google search mobile-friendly sites will be affected as they’ll hold a prominent place amongst the search results. This algorithm works in a real-time manner which implicates that as and when changes are made to a site, Google will be able to identify and incorporate them as many sites did so and became a part of Mobilegeddon 2016. It also allows individual pages in a website that are mobile friendly to receive a higher standing even if the website is not entirely. It does not affect tablet and desktop searches.

Which Sites will have the Upper Hand?

The current belief is that this update is bigger than the Penguin and Panda updates.There will be slightly more changes in mobile searches for devices incorporating an Android software rather than those using the iOS. Mobile-friendly website rankings are also significantly affected if they include sub-domains which lead to a mobile-friendly site as sites having the mDot (m.) extension rank better in the mobile search results. Hence this could mean that the site could possibly be counted as mobile-friendly. A very important point to note is here is that mobile search results are majorly being correlated to certain mobile apps options which drop down in accordance to the search query. Thus if you own an app, its visibility will be boosted as part of an “App Pack” which is basically a set of apps put together for a particular search query. Also, a higher quality app would receive a greater ranking among the mobile search options. Sites having deep links which allow you to shift from viewing the site on the web or on the app also have a significantly higher ranking. How Does it Increase E-Commerce Sales? By boosting mobile-friendly sites, it allows for an enhanced mobile viewing experience and thus increases the traffic for such sites as it is doing so currently through Mobilegeddon 2017. This update will also enable app developers or website developers by making money out of it as it drives them to improve their apps or sites and monetise their content. This will increase your ratings and further boosting your site’s rankings and enhance traffic. Final Words Thus, Google Mobilegeddon definitely made a surreal impact on Google site mobile-friendly sites and will continue to do so for the upcoming years!

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