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22 Jul 2022

Reshaping E-commerce with Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence has been the buzz for many years now, and unless you are living under a rock, you very well know what it is. The Artificial Intelligence or AI technology has been leveraged in many aspects across industries and businesses. What can / has it done to the E-commerce industry thus far?

Most of the E-Commerce app giants that offer product recommendations are enabled by AI technology. These E-Commerce giants manage to upsell and cross-sell products on their websites purely using the AI recommendations and machine learning technologies.

The consumer behaviour can be determined by analysing their previous spending habits. Using this available data, the E-Commerce businesses can offer better products at the right time. With a satisfying shopping experience and smoother check-out procedures, consumer loyalty is guaranteed.

4 Ways AI has reshaped E-Commerce

Enhanced Customer Service

The newly built virtual assistants and chatbots are enhancing the way customer support is experienced through AI. They are built to be more intuitive and human-like in their questions and responses. With relevantly asked questions, the chatbots in an E-Commerce website are able to provide targeted suggestions on purchases. The virtual assistants also provide 24/7 support to solve issues, answer any real-time queries or even cross-sell products to consumers.

All these newly added abilities to a virtual assistant are possible with artificial intelligence.

Improved sales

When a consumer is browsing through the products list on an E-Commerce website, there is often recommendations / suggestions for similar products. This cross-selling / upselling is possible with AI as mentioned earlier. Along with this, sometimes there pops up incentives like limited-time deals with slashed prices on the same products to encourage the consumer. The price optimization and upselling improve sales.

Personalized shopping experience

Personalization of every service or sale is the most sought-after experience in most industries these days. It can often make or break a deal. With such expectations from consumers, E-Commerce businesses have to personalize shopping experience to improve sales and brand loyalty. Businesses are constantly improving their product recommendations / suggestions to ensure better sales too.

Consumers who arrive via website searches on the E-Commerce platform should have a good experience in finding their desired product or service to be able to convert them into sales. The AI leveraged search engines can use machine learning to internalize the search and give out accurate results.

Artificial intelligence also helps in generating relevant product description that is helpful in educating the consumer about the product. Since the manual product description generation takes much longer this can be simplified with AI.

Efficient inventory management

Maintaining an efficient inventory with updated stocks is essential for an E-Commerce. For efficient management, AI is used based on data points like,

  • previous sales records
  • changing demands for certain products according to the latest trends or fashion
  • any possible roadblocks in supply-chain management


We have established that AI is a powerful technology that is leveraged in E-Commerce effectively. Many of the businesses have seen increase in sales, improvements in customer support, and in providing a personalized shopping experience to its customers. The future may see many more improvements in the world of E-Commerce specially in product recommendations and inventory / warehouse management. For more information on how to develop your E-Commerce website, contact us.

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