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07 Oct 2017

Augmented Reality and E-Commerce to the future

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The world of virtual shopping is endless providing variety and global access to products with a single click. Augmented Reality is the new gift to our online shopping patriots. It is the bridge between the real and the virtual world that has become an integral part of internet marketing as well. Augmented reality is of three types that use computers, cameras, screens and processors as the devices for displays. They are the head-mounted display, handheld display and spatial displays. Let us know about them more:

  • Head-mounted display: It is a wearable display on the head while keeping the hands free. It is for individual use. For instance, the Playstation 4 uses this method for gaming consoles. Other uses are aviation like the Aero Glass and the use of Google Glass in engineering and medicine.
  • Handheld display: These are displays that work only in-sync with a USB or other supporting devices. It can be worn on the wrist or can be carried in your pockets. Air Force uses hundreds of such displays for practicing air control tactics.Tourists and cab drivers often use mobile phones as the medium of choice.
  • Spatial display: This is the ultimate fusion of the virtual and the real world. It enhances the interaction between computers and human. Any field that requires displaying graphical data, digital projections onto physical objects can use this technology. Medical, education and the entertainment industry, and several mobile applications use mobile projectors, shader lamps, smart projectors and virtual tables.

Unlocking the Enigma The method of virtual shopping has evolved immensely due to Augmented Reality. Surveys have proved that shoppers are more attracted to AR than the conventional method. 71% Of people, no matter what their age or gender is, prefer to shop at online stores using AR to retail stores.

The Future is Now; Augmented Reality

Almost all brands and products who have their legs in the E-commerce sector have embraced Augmented Reality. Tech-savvy generation shops online with an enhanced experience, thanks to AR for hot-selling products such as clothing, make-up, shoes, jewellery, toys, sports and gym equipment, furniture, grocery, optical products, etc. What It Does?

  • Makes your shopping experience fun and interesting
  • Try on clothes, makeup, spectacles or other similar things without even having to be present, let alone buying it physically
  • It benefits both the shoppers and the shopkeepers by saving time and resources and offering better reach of available items
  • View change in colours, sizes, reviews, etc. easily with just a few clicks
  • It’s easy to for shopkeepers to deliver new deals and special offers and convenient to view for shoppers
  • The process of decision-making becomes easy and quick with AR’s ability to provide accurate and quality data analytics. Assess customer reviews, returning customer preferences, product sales in categories, etc.

Already in Motion Lenskart, which is leading online optical solutions, uses Augmented Reality to allow their customers to try different types of frames and eyewear in the virtual world before buying them. It uses basic infrared technology to measure your face and captures your image and stores in your profile. So, now, you can view all of the designs on your face at one go. Microsoft is introducing holograms in their products and Nintendo is going to produce a new game soon which uses augmented reality which promises to provide the best futuristic experience so far.

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