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26 May 2022

The new revelation to Magento E-Commerce

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Magento ecommerce development is becoming the popular choice for many E-Commerce clients to migrate. This favourite eCommerce platform is used by 12% of all online stores and is currently powering approximately 1.2% of the entire internet. It is the best open-source platform to build an online store. And yet, very professional, and totally free. This platform released in 2008 by Varien and developed on Zend Framework was acquired by Adobe in 2018.

Most of the Magento stores today run on Magento 2, but a newest version is available. With evolving technology Magento development company has brought in enhancements and better updates for this Ecommerce platform. The paid version now called Adobe Commerce, has a recent 2.4.4 update.

According to the Adobe release notes, it marks a new step forward in commerce capabilities, security, and performance. The new advancements sets up a foundation for the future years of Adobe innovations to ensure a resilient Ecommerce business for its customers.

Highlights of the new features


Magento E-Commerce is built on the newest version of PHP, 8.1, and enables customers to future-proof their E-Commerce businesses. This boosts site stability and ensures security, better performance, and compliance, now and in the future.

This improvement leads to customers maintaining healthy, optimized sites that will scale as their business grows. This new functionality is presented in modular updates instead of core code updates, which means easier and fewer future upgrades which is more cost effective. There is better business agility and hence easy to adopt and adapt to changing market trends and business needs.

Scalable and Fast

Taunted as the fastest and the most scalable version so far, Magento E-Commerce 2.4.4 is built to scale and grow. Customers can now handle large complex catalogs up to 10 times larger than before and carts with hundreds of line items.

They can exceed their customer expectations with faster API response times. And by processing high transaction volumes over 5 times faster. With the adoption of PHP 8.1, both the admin and storefront elevate their performance improvement by 15%.

There is also a significant improvement in the site health index scores by 32%, as reported by Adobe’s Site Wide Analysis Tool. There is a 34% lower chance of experiencing site outages.

Innovative headless commerce and more

With industry-leading innovative commerce capabilities, this version engages both B2B and B2C buyers with superior experiences from a single platform. It accelerates growth and time to value.

With significant increase in GraphQL API coverage for several B2B and admin functionalities, and with new capabilities to PWA Studio 12.3 introduced in this release, it leads the way in headless commerce. Their AI-powered product recommendations and search, customises a unique buying experience for each customer which increases conversion rates and boosts average order value.

The new payment services, inventory management, B2B purchase approvals, and other capabilities accelerate operational performance of the ECommerce business. The newly introduced extensive platform monitoring tools give the customers access to real-time monitoring, reporting, insights, and recommendations.

Want to set-up your Magento E-Commerce store?

With the newest version of Magento E-Commerce enhanced with improvements and latest updates released, you can evaluate if this is a good platform for your online store. Hire a Magento developer, to help you design your online store.

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