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09 Aug 2017

If You Know These Benefits Of Online Reputation Management, You May Change Your Perspective

Online reputation management is vital to the functioning and publicity of any company or business.

Most people seem to accept the idea that online reputation management simply refers to managing the company’s contents on social media or publicity via websites and various online platforms.

Online Reputation Management through, covers a much wider spectrum of items.

  • Quick response to queries
  • Taking suggestions from customers
  • Customising equipment and products according to different wants and tastes
  • Handling reviews effectively and according to the situation
  • So on and so forth…
Why do you need it?

With the world becoming a global village and almost every customer having open-access to the internet it becomes very easy to post reviews about companies and their products simply. Hate comments and online reputation bombing is the worst case scenario. People usually end up posting comments or hurtful messages on the company’s website or on other social media platforms. For instance, Nestle had to bring down their public page in order to get rid of the negative comments made on their portal regarding certain environmental practices of theirs. Nestle choose not to address these problems and comments, which eventually led to the development of a larger problem. It is thus always better to address the problems at hand and employ the best you can at HR and public policy and also in sales and management.

The Undoubted Benefits
1. Positive Publicity:

These days, companies are rated according to their response time over social media platforms. The lesser your response times, the more confident will your buyers be.

Again, being able to handle hate comments with relative ease makes your company image more likable and trustable.

2. Exponential Increase in Sales:

Once your company or business gains a higher reputation online, it becomes easier for you to publicise your products and services. Also, 7 times out of 10, companies with a higher online reputation, gain more positive responses and are able to meet higher sales objects in a comparatively lesser amount of time.

3. Becoming Transparent - Building Credibility:

With regular performance tests and reports made by companies, it has now become a necessity to make operations and functioning of a company transparent to their users and customers.

This not just allows companies to prove their credibility and ingenuity in the workspace, but also allows workers to speak freely about the workings and dealings of the business to others.

Face to face interactions of salespeople and personnel with the customers also act as an added advantage. It serves as trust-building exercise and the customers are able to identify with the company’s goals and objectives.


Online reputation management also allows you create an good image for you company or brand name. It has become inevitable in current digital world to have a good reputation over the customers. If you do not care about ORM, let me tell you it can bring down any company or brand name to ground. Management of company’s or brand’s reputation online is one of the vital measures towards its success and growth in the current and most likely future.

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