Oracle Cloud Solutions

Oracle Cloud Solutions

Oracle Cloud Solutions
Oracle Cloud Solutions

Oracle Cloud Solutions

Synamen brings you simple and cost effective installation based on a well defined implementation process. Our service is aimed at providing a painless experience for your Oracle Cloud implementation. Our experienced and highly skilled consultants will help you up and running on your Oracle Sales Cloud platform with minimal effort on your side.

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Oracle Cloud Solutions

Application Configuration

Our configuration services for Oracle cloud solutions follow a proven implementation methodology to reduce implementation time and provide a fully configured and complete application that captures all your business requirements.

Oracle Cloud Solutions

Data Migration

Cleanup your existing data and quickly migrate it to the Oracle Cloud Applications with our data migration services. We will help you in moving all your data into the new platform without missing any key information.

Oracle Cloud Solutions

Application Support

Our ongoing support services ensure your application is running smoothly and any issues with the application are addressed promptly. You will derive maximum benefit from the Oracle cloud applications with the guidance from our team of experts.

Oracle Cloud Solutions

Legacy Integration

If you have any legacy applications for handling your key business process, you may want to integrate with the Oracle Cloud Applications. We can help you to determine the right approach to the integration and implement the same.

Oracle Cloud Solutions


Our training services can help get started quickly in using Oracle Cloud Applications, and realize the maximum benefit out of your implementatoin. Our program is customized to your specific implementation and help you understand it meaningfully.


Oracle Engagement Cloud

Oracle Cloud Solutions

Functional Setup

The functional setup includes User setup, Organization hierarchy, Calendar, Currency, Legal entity & Business unit setup and many more. These common setups are vital configuration for implementing Oracle Sales Cloud application for every organization.

Core Sales-force Automation

The Sales-force automation includes Account Management, Contact management, Lead & Opportunity management. These modules help users to create, view and update customers and contacts and personalize their view in the application.

Oracle Cloud Solutions
Oracle Cloud Solutions

Sales Performance Management

Too much of data visibility is not a healthy system. To improve sales performance, rules and restrictions can be enforced on users using the SPM module. Sales Territories will be used here to nail down the data visibility for sales reps and they will see what they want to see. The Quota management helps users to achieve their targets in the given time line.

Customer Data Management

Deduplication of customer information has become simple now. Customers can build a clean, complete and organized data using the Customer Data Management module. Organization can take faster decision with accurate customer information.

Oracle Cloud Solutions
Oracle Cloud Solutions

Partner Management

Engage your partners and plan your business to accelerate your channel sales. Use channel program management, business planning, market development funds, and social collaboration to engage with partners.

Oracle Service Cloud

Oracle Cloud Solutions

Incident Management

  • Application Appearance
  • Workspaces setup
  • Products/Categories/Dispositions
  • Database Configuration
  • Reports

Knowledgebase Management

  • Setup up to answers to enable customer portal and Topic Words
  • Configuration of Guided Assistance
  • Setting up of Smart Assistant
  • Setting one answer feedback configuration rule
Oracle Cloud Solutions

Incident / Email Management

  • Message templates
  • Standard text
  • Configuration Settings
  • Incident Queues creation
Oracle Cloud Solutions
Oracle Cloud Solutions


  • Standard Integration with Oracle Sales Cloud application using Out of the box bundles.

Live Chat Management

  • Chat queue creation
  • Chat permissions
  • Defining Chat Hours
  • Configuration & Settings
  • Routing live chats to the respective queue based on the business conditions
Oracle Cloud Solutions

Customer Portal

  • Search
  • Most popular answers
  • Contact Details
  • Ask a Question
  • Self-Registration and Login
  • Assistance to Import Answers by providing sample templates and mapping files
Oracle Cloud Solutions

Oracle Marketing Cloud

Oracle Cloud Solutions

Campaigns Management

Create and execute campaigns in the same day using a user-friendly tool. Analyze your channel data that drives the customer engagement and prepare your content based on the outcome of your analytics. Our service includes emails, landing pages, contact segmentation and list management based on the given criteria.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing changes the buying experience of the customer, Customer become more intelligent while they receive communications.

Oracle Cloud Solutions
Oracle Cloud Solutions

Lead Nurturing

Develop a multi stage campaign to uphold constant touch with good leads, and deliver right content on right time based on their behavior. Automate the nurturing process with triggers and profile settings.

Lead Scoring

Score your leads using implicit and explicit data, rank your lead using an automated lead scoring rule and target hot leads. Record and track lead activities and convert them to opportunities rapidly.

Oracle Cloud Solutions

Oracle CPQ

Oracle Cloud Solutions


  • Lightning-fast database processing
  • Unlimited product types
  • Robust rules engine that handles complex product catalogs with ease
  • Custom rules for any product configuration
  • Centralized data repository ensures accurate pricing
  • Easily customizable options for grouping and presenting products
Oracle Cloud Solutions

Guided Selling

  • Step-by-step selling for users
  • Recommends products, services or add-ons
  • Helps standardize the selling process across your organization
  • Sales reps are prompted to upsell based on pre-set rules
  • Pricing discounts and rules are applied consistently
  • Helps eliminate errors for new sales reps
Oracle Cloud Solutions

Pricing Automation

  • Centralized data repository keeps pricing accurate for all quotes
  • Easily update and manage pricing rules in the admin console
  • Multi-currency for international quoting
  • Pricing guard rails that protect your margins
  • Margin and commission tracking
Oracle Cloud Solutions


  • Approval tracking and commenting on submitted quotes
  • Approvals for specific products, services or pricing
  • Ability to set restrictions on over-discounting and submit discounts for approval
  • Easily respond to approvals via email Email alerts for the approval process
Oracle Cloud Solutions


  • Branded quote templates
  • Add or remove pages with one click
  • Universal formats supported for export – Microsoft Word and PDF
Oracle Cloud Solutions


  • Branded proposal templates
  • Send proposals directly from the console
  • Pulls customer data directly from your CRM to make sending a breeze
  • Select or deselect specific pages to include revision history and tracking
  • Add or remove pages with one click
  • Universal formats supported for export – Microsoft Word and PDF
Oracle Cloud Solutions


  • Share product catalogs within your own company, or with other companies
  • Permission-based access to product data ensures your data remains private
  • Enable other vendors to quote your products and services while maintaining accurate pricing rules you set
  • Globally manage multiple branches or locations
Oracle Cloud Solutions


  • No coding needed to manage administrative activities
  • Manage users and permissions
  • Adjust pricing and discounting values and rules
  • Edit templates for quotes and proposals
  • Access reports
Oracle Cloud Solutions


  • Send quotes to DocuSign® with a single click
  • Out-of-the-box feature, no additional development required
  • Revision tracking and document management
  • Enforced security and compliance throughout your organization
Oracle Cloud Solutions

Configuration and API

  • Developers can create custom javascript to interact with the CPQ page
  • Access containers, entities, and properties that are created on a given page
  • RESTful architecture, supporting functions to query, create, update, and delete data.
  • Exposes workflows to be used by the developer, including saving a basket as a quote, as well as, other useful functions.
  • Enables integration to other 3rdparty system and homegrown applications
Oracle Cloud Solutions

CRM Integration

  • Salesforce ® CRM
  • Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Microsoft ® Dynamics
Oracle Cloud Solutions

Reporting and Dashboards

  • Data Cube extraction
  • Real-time reporting and analytics
  • Customized dashboards
Oracle Cloud Solutions


  • All data transfers via HTTPS restricted connection to servers
  • Whitelist security practices deployed
  • OAuth required to access the CPQ application and API.
Oracle Cloud Solutions

Order Entity

  • Order can be transferred to an eCommerce or ERP system (EBS, JDE & PeopleSoft)
  • Orders can also be transferred and set to show as a Sales Order in a CRM system
Oracle Cloud Solutions


  • Only the appropriate content is presented and rendered
  • Automated workflows are built in, accommodating today’s demand for mobile CPQ capabilities

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At Synamen we believe that success of our customers leads to our own success. Our team will always keep your business success in mind when providing the solution for your needs. We don’t believe in selling unwanted services to our customers that do not help them in growing their business.

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