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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Having a convenient mobile solution is practically mandatory in nearly every market niche and industry. Synamen has the experience and expertise to help your startup, SMB, or enterprise develop a reliable, intuitive, and useful mobile application for your employees and clients. We are Top Rated Mobile App Development Company in Chennai, India. Our comprehensive mobile app development services can cater to support your products ranging from web integration to a mobile portal. Our Mobile App team has expertise in developing any requirements to propel your business to the next level by providing pretty much everything your customers would need to see in your mobile app.

Whether you’re a startup founder selling a digital service, or an established enterprise struggling to increase efficiency, app development deserves discussion as a strategic priority. Mobile is becoming the preferred method of discovering, consuming, and sharing information, and only an exceptional user experience will put your business in a position to profit.

At Synamen, we analyse and suggest on what approach should be taken for a specific requirement, whether to go for a native development or a cross-platform or hybrid approach. We also suggest on what platform to hit first, whether it would be iOS or Android or Windows or all of them, depending on the type of application and your target users. This helps our customers in getting to market quickly and budget their investments in areas that would benefit them most.

What you can expect

  • Great-looking, high-performance apps
  • Carefully designed and engineered to your business needs
  • Marketing and promotion strategies for maximum exposure and app downloads
  • Flexible and responsive partnership


Mobile App for Magento Stores

Do you want to build a feature rich mobile app for your Magento e-commerce store? You have come to the right place.

At Synamen, we offer a fully featured Magento mobile app solution, which can be customized to your exact requirements. If you have custom features in your Magento stores, these can be integrated into the mobile app quickly. No more compromise with pre-defined themes and restricted feature set.

Our app offers all features your customers would expect from a mobile app based shopping experience, like quick browsing by catalog, searches, dynamic filters, and option for multiple payment gateways that are available in your current Magento store.  It also provides you with great marketing looks like Push Notifications, and app only discounts.

Download our demo app today from Play Store.

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