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Magento E-Commerce Management

Magento E-Commerce Management

Magento E-Commerce Platform

Magento is the most advanced open source E-Commerce platform available in the market today. It can help you launch your dream E-Commerce store quickly with all the state-of-the-art features. It also helps in marketing your store most effectively. Synamen is a leading Magento Development Company in India. We are specialized in Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x eCommerce Development with deep industry experience, stay abreast with latest versions.

Magento E-Commerce platform provides all the standard and advanced features you would expect from a high end E-Commerce platform to help you in launching your online store:

  • Product catalog with dynamic filters
  • Comprehensive shopping cart
  • Manage store inventory
  • Integrate with leading logistics vendors
  • Readymade solution to integrate most payment gateways
  • Built-in cross sell, upsell capabilities and other marketing features
  • Manage all content in the site via CMS
  • Send Newsletters
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Magento is a flexible platform that can support most business scenarios out of the box. However, if you have unique needs that are not currently supported by Magento it can be customized to support your needs. You need an experienced partner in building these customizations in a compatible manner that ensures that the site is secure and maintainable in the long run.

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If you are planning a major E-Commerce venture where you expect rapid growth, it is essential to choose the right platform and hosting landscape to support your growth aspirations. You also need to do all this without running up a very high hosting bill. Magento runs some of the largest E-Commerce stores on the planet, and is proven to handle very high traffic. However your website and hosting environment should be prepared to handle the expected traffic growth in advance to ensure that your customers have a smooth shopping experience even when the store is seeing large customer inflow. Synamen can help you in determining and executing this growth plan.

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Magento saves you the trouble in development of creating SEO optimized URLs, URL rewrites, meta tags, site maps, navigation, descriptions, category structures and more. It is equipped with advanced SEO features that can be exploited to make all the difference, bringing in organic traffic and reducing the costs of digital marketing.

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Success of an E-Commerce venture is dependent on how well it is marketed. Magento comes with several tools to help you reach your market faster. In addition Synamen can help you in integrating several third-party and custom solutions that can help you in analysing the customer behaviour and optimize your store to increase your sales KPIs.

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As the Magento platform is modular there are several third-party solutions that can help you in minimizing your time to market. Synamen can help you in choosing and implementing the right solution in addition to our cache of propritary modules.


  • Uninterrupted storefront integration
  • Multiple devices management at ease
  • Hassle free submissions
  • Completely customizable
  • Customer engagement
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Going global is even simpler than it has been in the past. Go International with Magento supports multiple languages and currencies, country-specific functionality, payment and shipping methods, right to left text wherever needed as well as local cookie notification policies.

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Magento extensions or modules are one of the best ways to manage your E-Commerce store. The Magento modules are SEO friendly, as you can add up striking features and functionalities, helps you in enhancing the user experience, handling more than one store is one of the best benefits of Magento modules, it lets you manage multiple stores from one single admin. It helps to reduce the time and cost for development.

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Multi-Vendor E-Commerce Platform permits any manufacturers, traders, vendors, wholesalers, etc to sell their products or services through your website. They can manage their own products and handle their orders, shipping and returns as well.

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If you own multiple stores, you know about all the challenges of developing and managing several websites, investing time, effort, money. The creators of Magento being aware of those challenges, did their best to ease the maintenance of multiple stores. Now you can experience and enjoy the Magento multi-store functionality.

There is no need to have multiple website instances anymore: one Magento installation provides one admin panel with multiple stores. Magento lets you to create and configure as many websites, stores and store views (more to it below), as needed for your business.

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It is very important to have unified B2B Customer portal/site with E-Commerce for B2B. There are many reasons for Magento being a great B2B platform like its incredible value of total cost of ownership compared to the other enterprise E-Commerce platforms. Some of the main features are, Extensive Customizability, Multiple user login for a company, Customer Based Catalog/Pricing, Bulk and Repeated Product ordering, Order Approval, Scheduled Deliveries and multiple fulfilment options, Integrations etc.,

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Magento Development & Launch

With our extensive experience in building and launching Magento based E-Commerce stores, our team is ideally placed to help you in your E-Commerce venture. We will guide you through every step in the process to help you succeed.

Planning Your Store

Find right business process

B2C, B2B, O2O and Multi-vendor

Industry domain

Find the right design and process suited for your industry domain.

Geographical coverage

Intra-city, Country, Global.

Growth strategy

Aggressive, organic, online & offline – understanding your growth plan will help you put your investment in right places.

Developing the Portal


Decide on a catchy name and plan branding based on your target audience.

Site Design

Choosing the right design and user experience is important and it depends on your industry, catalog size, marketing strategy and your audience. Site design should also be functional across all potential devices your visitors might use.

Technical Development

Each e-commerce portal is unique and might need significant customization depending on your unique business model.

Launching the Store

Hosting Platform

Hosting platform for your Magento store should be carefully chosen considering the cost, audience location, and growth strategy.

Marketing Plan

A store is only as good as its sales. Attract the right customers by using right channels for your product range.

Device Strategy

Your faithful customers will appreciate having a handy mobile app to browser your catalogue anytime anywhere.

Magento Application Management

Managing your Magento E-Commerce store can be a breeze with the help of right partner.

Magento eCommerce Development India

While Magento gives you the most versatile platform for quickly launching your E-Commerce store with all the bells and whistles you can imagine, it can also grow to be a cumbersome platform to manage if you are not careful.

But if you have the right partner who understands the technology and can help you with all the nitty gritties and surprises, you can rest easy and concentrate on servicing your customers instead of technical details.

With Synamen's long experience in building and supporting the most complex and challenging Magento portals, managing an E-Commerce platform is no longer a strenuous job. Leave your technical problems to use, and trust us to deliver the right solution for your needs in the most cost effective way.

We have earned a very high level of trust with our customer base due to our loyalty, transparency in our relationship along with our high technical mastery in Magento.

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Magento System Audit & Optimization

With our team’s extensive experience in securing and tuning Magento systems, running a Magento landscape is no longer a challenge. We also optimize your store to improve the page load speed and thus improving your customer experience.

  • Review system security and best practices
  • Propose/implement changes to improve system security
  • Review and propose changes to server management plan
  • System Landscape Review
  • Server capacity optimization
  • Page load performance optimization
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Magento Development Company

Magento Extensions

Transform your Magento e-store experience for your customers as well as you from excellent to top-notch, with our clearly structured Magento Marketplace approved extensions.

Magento Server Landscape

Depending on your unique needs, your Magento server landscape might contain a single server, or a variety of different types of systems like application servers, database servers, file servers, load balancer, in-memory cache, CDN amonth others. We can help you choose the optimal landscape based on your budget and growth plan, and help you managing it cost effectively.

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Hosting for Magento

  • Choose the ideal hosting provider based on specific requirements of the E-Commerce store
  • Plan highly scalable landscapes to meet customer’s growth targets
  • Optimize infrastructure costs by utilizing the right services for the needs

Server Management

  • Security patch updates for the server software (OS, web server, and other software)
  • Regular backup for database and application data
  • Monitoring & Tuning, system performance management
  • Ad hoc server and application migrations, maintenance planning with minimal interruption

Magento Mobile App Development

Splurgify - The Leading Mobile App Extension for Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x. It is the easy, fast and smart tool for online merchants to create apps and mobile websites. Make your shop accessible to those 80% customers who use their smart phones for shopping. Splurgify simplifies eCommerce Mobile App Development and it is a full featured Magento Mobile App Builder. Read More...

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Is Magento the right E-Commerce platform for my needs?
Magento is the most versatile open source E-Commerce platform available in the market today. It can easily handle very complex business scenarios and very large catalogue easily. So it is ideal for majority of the E-Commerce projects. However if you are looking for a small store with very limited stock, or if your business process is highly complex you might need a different solution. Our solution experts will discuss with you and analyse your needs and guide to choose the right solution.

Will I be able to expand my website as my business grows?
Yes Absolutely, We use scalable architecture and provide a content management system (CMS) that is fully automated and integrated into the structure of your website. Our Scalable features makes it simple to create new pages, delete old information and add or remove items from your product catalog.

Will my E-Commerce website work on mobile devices?
With the rapid growth of mobile Web sales, smart online retailers must provide an optimal customer experience across multiple platforms. With the help of our responsive design, we adapt images on your site for viewing on mobile environments without compromising the user experience.

How can I secure my website?
Securing your website is more than adding a SSL certificate. You should follow the hosting best practices to ensure all loopholes are covered, and your server software and application code is routinely patched with the latest security updates. Having an experienced service provider to take care of these for will assure you that your server is safe from vile elements.

I have a unique business need. Will Magento support it?
While Magento covers most standard business scenarios involving E-Commerce as well many exotic business processes, if you truly have a unique requirement, our solution expert can guide you to do a cost benefit analysis of implementing Magento vs building a custom solution.

How frequently should I update my website?
It depends upon your business type. If you run a small-scale business, with a select and tiny catalogue, then you may not need to update your site and catalogue regularly. However, if you have a generic E-Commerce website, regular up-gradation is a necessary for your business.

How can I track and analyse the transactions?
Magento comes with a good number of reports covering all standard business scenarios. In addition Synamen can provide additional set of reports to cover your business needs. We also help you integrate your store with Google or Facebook Analytics platforms which provide out-of-the-box conversion tracking and channel analysis, and help you in making the right marketing decisions to maximise profitability.

Do you have a mass emailing/newsletter module?
Yes. The back-end tools include an email/newsletter module so you can keep in touch with your clients and connect with new ones.

How will you help us for Online Marketing?
We are specialized in E-Commerce Digital Marketing Solution that will help you to improve your sales.

Will it work with X payment gateway?
As Magento is the top E-Commerce platform most payment gateways support the platform. If your payment gateway vendor doesn't support the platform, or if you have an innovative payment option, we can provide integration for you through custom development in a cost effective manner.

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