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Energy Management & Industrial Analytics


MeterDesk Analytics - Right Path to Energy Management

MeterDesk is a leading solution for Energy Management from Synamen stables. It provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring energy consumption in commercial and industrial facilities. It can interface easily with most existing SCADA solutions. Our solution can be implemented rapidly on cloud based servers or internal enterprise servers, and can start paying back on your infrastructure investments at the earliest.

MeterDesk is also a highly versatile solution that can be used for other analytics and reporting requirements in several other industries. It has been successfully implemented as an industrial analytics solution in pharmaceutical industry for process monitoring, and in automobile industry for shop floor analytics based on instrumentation data.


MeterDesk comes with several essential features required in Energy Management System implementations, namely:

  • Data acquisition from energy meters, BTU meters (HVAC airflow), temperature sensors, water and gas flow meters
  • Able to integrate with most common types of communication protocols like ModBus, BACNet and DLMS, as well as proprietary protocols
  • Industry best practice based report suite for energy management
  • A strong analytics engine for information extraction, building customized reports and dashboards
  • MeterDesk also features a multi-tenant billing solution for use in commercial shared facilities
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