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E-Commerce Development Services

E-Commerce Development Services
E-Commerce Development Services

E-Commerce Made Easy

Everything you need to build and launch your e-commerce store

Launching your own e-commerce store becomes easier with Synamen. We will help you choose the right solution for your e-commerce plans and launch it quickly and cost-effectively. Whether you are building an exclusive store for specialized products, a generic store, or an industrial B2B site, our team can give you in-depth insight that can help make your store a success.

Our services include:

  • Idea Validation & Planning
  • Technology Selection
  • E-commerce portal Development
  • Hosting & Server Management
  • Application Support
  • Content Management
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google/Facebook Ad Campaigns


Approaches to setup E-commerce store

Open Source Platforms

Using open source software for building an e-commerce store is the best option most businesses choose. There are several solutions to choose from that can support most business needs. You don’t incur any software license fee, and depending on the platform, these can be hosted on even a simple shared hosting plan. Here are the open source solutions that would be suitable for any business needs.

Magento is the industry-leading open source e-commerce framework. It is by far the best available e-commerce solution in the market and is used by several large international brands to run their stores. It can be highly customizable and offers almost everything you would need for an e-commerce store. There are several third-party plugins available to fill any minor gaps. If you are looking for high-performance websites, and have a rapid growth plan for your business, Magento is undoubtedly the way to go. Consider its vast set of features, it could be overwhelming to get started. We offer comprehensive Magento development and support services to help you get started and to keep your business running smoothly.

One of the top-end platforms for establishing your online store, OpenCart combines multi-functionality, ease of usage and flexibility to provide you with an enriching experience. OpenCart comes with a user-friendly dashboard that helps in managing the orders, sales and customers. It is easy to set-up and the responsive design makes it easy to be used without having profound technical knowledge. There are over 13,000 modules and themes to help an online business to stand out from the crowd. OpenCart can be suitable for business requirements demanding only minimum and standard e-commerce features

Launched back in 2007, PrestaShop has managed to become one of the best E-Commerce platforms due to its user-friendly themes and throng of enticing functionalities. PrestaShop allows creating products along with values and features to start the selling process immediately. It easy to configure the display of the products and organize them. This platform comes with several user-friendly modules and themes. Prestashop can be apt for standard to slightly complex e-commerce requirements

If you are looking for a hybrid website which combines the product catalog with other relevant information about your business WooCommerce could be the ideal solution for you. WooCommerce is based on WordPress, the most popular content management system. Widespread availability of modules for any content type, and domain specific customized themes make it a breeze to build your website. WordPress WooCommerce would be apt for businesses with less number of products and minimum features. This platform will be suitable for quick go-to-market.

Custom-built software

If you have a unique business plan that varies significantly from a standard e-commerce shopping cart based business flow, you can look for building a custom e-commerce store. Some examples are, subscription based businesses, B2B stores with automated order placement, auction linked stores, lotteries, and “name your own price” type of stores. Whatever is your business idea, our experienced business analysts can help you fine-tune it. They can guide you in preparing the business and technical plan that would work well for your business type.

Once your business plan is finalised, we can help build your e-commerce store using industry standard open source software like PHP based Yii2 platformNodeJS and AngularJS frameworks.

Hosted Solutions

Are you looking for a simple and straight forward business of selling products online? Do you have a small inventory of products, and expect gradual business growth? A hosted e-commerce solution may be right for you. Hosted platforms like Shopify help you get started quickly without investing on a web server and with minimal technical knowledge. You will incur a monthly fee and a transactional charge which might be cheaper depending on your business volume. We can help you setup your e-commerce store on Shopify quickly, and train your team in managing the online store. We generally recommend Hosted Solutions for customers who are planning to test e-commerce for their current business or have very minimum number of products and do not see immediate growth. Talk to us to know more.

Our Services

At Synamen, our experienced e-commerce consultants and web developers can help you bring your dream store online quickly. We will build and launch your store, train your team, and provide ongoing support to manage your catalogue which requires minimal technical knowledge.

E-Commerce Development Services

E-Commerce Development and Revamp

Whether you are building a fresh e-commerce store, or trying to redesign an existing website, our team can help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. Our e-commerce workflow helps you prepare all details needed to launch the store well in a timely manner. We will handhold you in every step of the way, and will train your internal team to be well versed in the chosen technology.

Application & Server Support

Running an e-commerce store smoothly requires skills in frontend and backend web development, web server and database administration, knowledge in SEO, and a thorough understanding of various business processes involved. It can be prohibitively costly to find the right team. If you are already running an online store, and require occasional help to ensure the site is running in top condition, our support team can be the ideal helping hand for you.

E-Commerce Development Services
E-Commerce Development Services

Web Hosting

Running e-commerce stores often require highly optimized servers that can easily adapt to variable loads. The servers should be highly secure to prevent any hackers from getting into the website and causing havoc to hour business. The data should be regularly backed up in a way it can be quickly restored in case of any hardware failures. Getting the most out of Web servers hosting Magento and similar e-commerce platforms will require specific knowledge and experience in these platforms. We offer specialized e-commerce focused hosting service to ensure that you can stop worrying about your servers and concentrate on your business.

Mobile App

Mobile apps are quickly becoming essential for e-commerce stores. A good mobile app can provide a smooth shopping experience for your customers. It can help you to be in touch with your customers on regular basis, and communicate crucial offers and order information to them on timely manner through Push Notifications. Your customers will find it convenient to have your catalog in their hands anytime they want to search for a product. Our ready made mobile apps for e-commerce platforms like Magento can help you launch a mobile app for your store at minimal cost.

E-Commerce Development Services
E-Commerce Development Services

Upgrade & Migration

To run a successful e-commerce store it is important to ensure your site is running the updated software. This will help prevent security flaws and issues and will provide you with the smooth running of your website or portal. Upgrading from one platform to another can also help when your business demands change and you wish to move to an apt platform. We can help you upgrade your existing e-commerce store to a newer version in Magento and Prestashop, or migrate your store from one platform to another.

Why Synamen?

At Synamen we believe that success of our customers leads to our own success. Our team will always keep your business success in mind when providing the solution for your needs. We don’t believe in selling unwanted services to our customers that do not help them in growing their business.

Our customers put their trust in us to ensure a smooth technical service to enable them in running their business efficiently.


We can help you choose the right technology and marketing strategy for your needs.

 Time & Quality

Our extensive E-Commerce experience helps you build and launch your store quickly and easily, using our process accelerators.


Creative solutions based on unique needs and opportunities in your business domain.


We have earned trust through full transparency and high value we place on the safety and security of our customer’s business.


Our Clients

We are proud to be associated with these esteemed customers.

  • Our Client United Way Chennai
  • Our Client Storytrails
  • Our Client Press Institute
  • Our Client Nucurrent
  • Our Client Maalgaadi
  • Our Client Lifespace
  • Our Client Krishnan Tennis
  • Our Client IPMC
  • Our Client Futurefarms
  • Our Client Chennai Food Guide
  • Our Client Foodconsulate
  • Our Client Everwood
  • Our Client Ellements
  • Our Client Deneebo
  • Our Client Bookpapa
  • Our Client AICF
  • Our Client Flower On Wheels
  • Our Client Kesari
  • Our Client MRO Simple
  • Our Client RSS Online
  • Our Client Shopping Zone
  • Our Client Tulika
  • Our Client Wedtree
  • Our Client Pickboo
  • Our Client Pumpkart
  • Our Client Alshop
  • Our Client Industrykart

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