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We provide 360° service to our customers combining our extensive business and technical knowledge related to web and mobile technologies.

Did we say we are a “full service” web and mobile development company? We try to provide all critical services necessary for our customers to create and run websites and applications under one roof. These services are typically offered for customers of our primary services, rather than as standalone. Following are the core services we provide to our customers.

E-Commerce Development

Synamen offers the very best in professional web design, website development & SEO for growing businesses, small or large,that puts your business above its competitors. Our custom business solutions allow your company to market its products or services directly through your E-Commerce website.

Magento E-Commerce Management

Magento’s E-Commerce platform provides retailers a robust and customised system to help scale & grow your business online. Through its mobile compatible features and native development SDKs, retailers are able to deliver excellent marketplace and omnichannel user experiences to their customers.

Mobile Applications Development

Having a convenient mobile solution is practically mandatory in nearly every market niche and industry. Synamen has the experience and expertise to help your startup, SMB, or enterprise develop a reliable, intuitive, and useful mobile application for your employees and clients.

Corporate Webdesign & Development

A website is a necessary tool for nearly every business and organization. An effective, beautiful website is a game changer. We at Synamen design top-notch responsive sites with care given to everything from information architecture to content, color to typography, UX to E-Commerce.

Web Applications & Portal

No ready-made solutions on the market standing up to your specific business objective or innovative idea? Opt for bespoke web application development with Synamen. We offer a full spectrum of application design, development, maintenance and support services.

Industrial Internet Of Things (IIoT)

In this highly networked world, connecting industrial infrastructure to the internet is becoming increasingly essential for the success of a business. Industrial IoT can help in reducing wastage, facility downtime, improving efficiency and productivity, that can result in a highly profitable business.


Synamen is a full-service web and mobile development company. We combine our strong capability in core web and mobile technologies with our understanding of various business processes and functional domains in providing you with a unique solution that is best suited for your business.


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