Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Demystifying IIoT

Industrial IoT is an umbrella term for automated gathering data from industrial facilities, transforming the data into a more useful format, and utilizing it to gain better understanding of the facility, presenting the information to the users in an actionable manner, using machine learning for automation of certain activities and processing the data into more useful form. Some parts of Industrial IoT are presented below.

Acquiring Data

In the modern industry, most machines continuously generate data for monitoring and control purposes. While this data is stored in the short term in control systems, it is often discarded soon. The volume of data generated, and the high cost of analyzing the data to gain meaningful information discouraged industries until recently in storing this data for long-term analysis. But with the advent of Big Data technologies, it is more and more feasible to gather this information cheaply and make better use of it. Compared to consumer IoT, it is often easier to gather information from industrial processes as the instrumentation often exists already to collect this information. Tapping this data flow can be done effectively with minimal capital investment.

Transforming Data

The data gathered from industrial systems is sent to an industrial data warehouse or big data storage. Before storing the information, it may be transformed into a more palatable format using big data techniques such as map-reduce or as data warehouse based structured data. This decision is made based on the type of data generated and the ideal storage option that helps the analysis.

Understanding Data

Statistical tools and machine learning techniques are highly useful in understanding industrial data. They help in predicting future trends, causes of faults, and optimize the process parameters. The processed information is often presented in graphical dashboards to quickly grasp the information and take meaningful actions based on it.

Synamen & IIoT

At Synamen, we have been working with industry for over 7 years in helping them make sense of their data. Our solutions have been implemented for process compliance, predictive analysis, industrial process optimization and energy management purposes across manufacturing as well as commercial facilities across India. With a strong experience in industrial processes, our team is now embarking on utilizing latest advances in AI and machine learning to the benefit of our industrial customers, to further improve their business profitability and risk mitigation.
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