Our Services

Synamen is a full service web development company.
We combine our strong capability in core web technologies with our understanding of various business processes and functional domains in providing you a unique solution that is best suited for your business.

E-commerce Development

We can make the whole process of E-Commerce less complicated by sitting down with you and planning the different stages.

Digital Marketing Services

We are creative, honest and results-oriented Digital Marketing Agency with ethical approach. We are driven by understanding your requirements; passionate about information; inspired by user insight.

Web Application Development

We provide complete support and expertise right from the requirement design all the way to launch and post-implementation support.

Mobile Application Development

Our comprehensive mobile app development services can cater to support your products ranging from web integration to a mobile portal.

Web Portal Development

Web portals are about building and maintaining an active community of users around a concept. Portals try to be one stop solution for the topic in question.

Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) is basically an easy process, typically used in managing the content of each and every pages of a web site within just few clicks.

Did we say we are a “full service” web development company? We try to provide all critical services necessary for our customers to create and run websites and applications under one roof. These services are typically offered for customers of our primary services, rather than as standalone. Following are few of the services we provide to our core customers

Domain registration

Deciding to build a website or application often starts with registering a domain name. We help our customers in choosing the right domain name, to understand the difference between various top level domains (TLDs), and determine which of these TLDs it is essential to book their chosen domain. This helps them in ensuring there are no headaches later with hijacked domain names, as well as avoiding getting caught in domain registration frenzy.

Parking page creation & hosting

Are you working on your big idea or a website and would like your visitors to know that and come back when it is ready? We setup parking pages for our customers along with simple contact forms.

Web hosting

We provide shared and dedicated hosting for our customers. We also help them in deciding the right hosting plan for their website. Our web hosting service is a managed service. This includes initial installation and optimization of the website, along with routine maintenance activities.

Website maintenance

We provide content management services for our customers. Routine content updates, fixes, and changes in the website based on customer’s changing business needs are handled on a timely manner, either as ad hoc service or on an annual plan as convenient for the customers. We also setup Google analytics and Webmaster tools accounts for our customers on request.

Email setup & hosting

We offer email hosting services for our customers, and also help them administer their email accounts. When our customers want to host with other third party big name vendors, we help them set it up as well.

Application Management Services

Managing your web applications become easy when you have a competent team to help you. We manage most of the applications developed by us, as our customers have a high level of trust and confidence in us. We also support applications built by others if the technology falls within our core capability.

Code Refactoring and Redesign

We have seen several web applications that have grown too complex and have become difficult to handle. We helped such customers in simplifying such applications. Web portals often become complex and unmanageable when they pack in too many features that the users do not care about. Getting rid of such unwanted features may help a lot in improving the usability of such sites, and increase the user base. We have done complete redesign of applications or just fixing critical bugs to make the site working again.

Social Media Setup

We understand the complexities of social media, and work with our customers to setup the right social media platforms with the right content.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Scenarios and strategies for SEO are changing continuously and you need strong partners who are fully aware of the changing needs to help you optimize your websites. We help you device and implement strategies and techniques that enable your site content to be identified and index properly by search engines.

Open Source Application Customizations

We have customized various open source CRM, ERP, Project Management and other applications for our customers to meet their specific needs. Among business applications, we have worked on vtiger, SugarCRM, FrontAccounting, qdPM, and OrangeHRM in the past.

Content Management Systems

CMS is a catch-all term used for a wide range of software. We have developed custom content management solutions for our customers. At Synamen, we believe in using right tool for the right job. We analyse specific requirements of our customers, and propose the right tool that will serve well for their purposes. We have integrated and implemented various open source content management systems in our projects, like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Get Simple.

Ad Campaigns

We provide Google AdWords services and being Google Certified helps us in working with our clients with the right approach and technique. We also run AdWords campaign for Facebook and LinkedIn too for our clients.

Mailers & Newsletters

Designing your campaign mailers and newsletters are only the first step of running email campaigns. We also help our customers in understanding the intricacies of email routing and help them achieve better results on their campaigns.